GRNGrid: An Efficient Way to Care for Our Planet

GRN and its GRN Grid are the future of crypto projects, delivering a sustainable blockchain platform based on renewable energy resources and supporting clean energy campuses, minimizing e-waste and blockchain energy consumption throughout the world to promote a future ecosystem focused on decentralization, sustainability, and environmental initiatives. According to research published in Nature, bitcoin mining uses as much energy as mining for gold. One of the few drawbacks of blockchain technology is its significant environmental ramifications, despite its tremendous promise for societal transformation. Why should the world pay the price for increased carbon emissions, squandered energy, and created e-waste? The revolutionary GRN Grid combats the problem by introducing the Grid and GRN (pronounced Green) tokens, which use a unique Proof of Stake V2 algorithm for energy-efficient, high-performance, and low-fee transactions. GRN provides a decentralized, secure, and, most importantly, cleaner world of sustainable development, with its operations relying entirely on renewable energy sources.

What is GRN?

GRN is a non-profit organization founded by GRN Energy B.V., based in the Netherlands, that manages GRN Grid’s operations. Overall, the GRN organization strives to protect the crypto community’s objective of sustainability as well as the long-term viability of blockchain technology. GRN seeks to maintain the blockchain’s decentralized characteristics while enhancing and cleaning up projects for a greener planet

What is Grid?

Grid is a revolutionary piece of blockchain technology developed by GRN. It focuses on developing a framework for innovative corporate offerings and a robust Web 3.0 application architecture. Grid’s distinctive and secure Proof of Stake V2 consensus provides sustainable blockchain development with excellent consumer functionality via message encryption using EnScrypt, ExNode for integrated token swapping with Grid stable currencies, and GRNPay escrow and transactions. Grid is fuelled by the $G token and can power a variety of green cloud computing solutions throughout the world.

How GRN and Grid are Paving the Way to a Greener Planet

The GRN smartchain minimizes global carbon emissions and adds sustainability to the blockchain industry, improving environmental conservation. With the development of green energy campuses, GRN Grid leads the path to a greener world and a more energy-efficient blockchain ecosystem. Nearly 45% of consumers are interested in sustainable and ecologically friendly goods, and GRN Grid lays the groundwork for a greener future, focusing on consumers and a decentralized ecosystem. GRN is the remedy to blockchain’s environmental impact since it is:


Grid is a sustainable blockchain based on energy-efficient validations and renewable resources. GRN also allows users to participate in its green mission by fostering the development of green energy campuses worldwide through charitable contributions voted together by the smartchain.


GRN Grid is always on the lookout for threat actors and uses two-step validation methods in conjunction with its PoS2 technology to constantly detect and charge them. Furthermore, the Grid also penalizes validators that swap their equipment frequently to limit energy, e-wastage, and destructive environmental impacts.


Grid’s exceptional LTV (Lightning Trail Verification) is a cornerstone in assuring fast performance that allows for near-instant transactions simultaneous with a stable network that can expand in any situation. Grid’s brilliant performance and quickness depend on GRN Nodes and pooled validators worldwide, utilizing renewable energy mining activities.

PoS2 (Proof of Stake V2):

The Proof of Stake V2 consensus mechanism used by GRN Grid effectively maximizes the blockchain’s energy utilization. This drastic decrease in energy consumption is accompanied by randomly selected security validators and a concave function for awarding voting rights to ensure a secure and sustainable blockchain.

Why GRN is the Future of Blockchain Technology

The Grid smartchain, developed by GRN, is a blockchain technology that can potentially revolutionize the energy impact of current blockchain systems. Grid will significantly influence the near future by altering perceptions of decentralized operations and moving the economy to a genuinely unified future. As it works, GRN can revolutionize blockchain technology while also saving the environment by:

Reducing the carbon footprint of blockchain:

Grid is a solution to a significant flaw in blockchain technology. The GRN Grid runs solely on renewable energy, which reduces its carbon footprint. GRN also has a ReCharge effort for recycling hardware and has strict hardware specifications to limit the need for replacements in the near future.

Growing support for green blockchain projects:

Through charity donations on the Grid smartchain, GRN promotes cleaner energy campuses worldwide. GRN’s green certificate distribution to validators using sustainable energy sources encourages people to join a cleaner-earth movement. In the future, the Grid will rely on initiated partners utilizing only renewable energy sources to power its GRN Grid Nodes.

Web 3.0 Support:

Web 3.0, the next generation of the web, is the remedy to today’s tech concerns, with Web 3.0 applications and technology processing information via an interoperable, seamless, and integrated system providing a more viable approach towards social interactions and several other applications. GRN is already equipped and ready, with Web 3.0 application development and deployment functionality on the Grid.

Complete decentralization and even pay-outs with PoS2:

Using a novel diminishing concave function of the validator’s stake for randomized pools, GRN’s Proof of Stake V2 creates irregular validators for security pools. The POS2 assures that control of the GRN Grid pool does not slip into the hands of a validator monopoly and that validators with a lower stake have an equal chance of earning large pay-outs by getting picked.

Why GRN Makes for a Value Investment

GRN and its Grid smartchain are potential gamechanger for the blockchains and shipping, banking, healthcare, and more industries worldwide. With its attempts to decrease carbon footprint and e-waste, GRN eliminates intermediaries for a genuinely decentralized and sustainable blockchain that cares about the world. GRN is a value investment attracting Web 3.0 developers, investors, and individuals who want to make a difference by enabling a cleaner earth initiative and developing green energy campuses, clean projects, and more. GRN has already won over many with its innovative approach to blockchains and will continue to do so, making GRN a worthwhile investment for anyone wanting to become a part of its Grid smartchain.

Final Words

GRN initiative helps in overcoming the flaws in existing blockchain systems, paving the way for a blockchain ecosystem that is cleaner and more sustainable. GRN Grid offers a fast, sustainable, and secure smartchain that can accommodate Web 3.0 applications. With its aim to minimize energy consumption and e-waste, it certainly offers all the right things required to be the paradigm of future blockchains.

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Green coins crypto: an overview of the leading sustainable crypto initiatives

A new revolution is on the horizon within the crypto space: the introduction of sustainable initiatives, Green coins crypto. Many different aspects constitute this change, as it involves not only the consensus mechanisms but also the use cases and underlying hardware that is being leveraged. To understand what makes an initiative a green coin initiative, we will break it down into several components and provide you with examples of such coins.

Green coins crypto, from hardware to use cases

Sustainable initiatives can be a way to persuade investors and users to start with a specific cryptocurrency. We should be careful with falling for such initiatives, as it is hard to determine if it is truly a sustainable initiative. We will break it down into logical components starting from hardware and moving to software (e.g., consensus), and the use cases that can run on that software.


The hardware being used is a logical start. With many coins claiming they are sustainable, there is only very little that does a check on the hardware being used. Typical questions are: is the hardware efficient for the task at hand? What is the lifespan of this hardware? You can even go one step further: request the network participants to prove that they are using sustainable energy. A good example of such an initiative is GRN coin, which does both a validation on hardware and electricity sources.


Once the hardware is considered sustainable, you can move to the software. Traditional crypto networks use Proof of Work, which refers to the use of computations to solve a cryptographic challenge to validate transactions. The result? Massive amounts of energy are needed, let alone the hardware involved to do so. With innovations such as Proof of Stake, the energy consumption is significantly less. In those scenarios, the participants are randomly selected through advanced algorithms based on their stake in the network. This ensures a secure network without the need for lots of energy.

Use cases

Once the hardware and software are in place, it is time to look at the use cases of the network. Simply conducting transactions such as Bitcoin is not enough to be considered a green coin crypto. There are specific initiatives that focus on the electricity grid. For example, if you have solar panels you can sell your surplus energy to other users. Less sun today? You can purchase energy from other users when you need more. This is a good example of sustainable trade without the need for an intermediary.

Eco-friendly crypto: a new wave of innovation flowing from the crypto space

There are many reasons to believe that crypto is not eco-friendly. Many examples have been brought to the table, including the electricity consumption of the Bitcoin network alone. This network is already consuming more than the entire country of Sweden, which has over ten million people. This has not been the only problem in crypto, as it has been faced with many malicious actors that pollute the networks and NFT markets. Novel solutions are required to fix the problems, and this is where eco-friendly crypto comes in.

Starting with the consensus mechanisms

One of the biggest hurdles is the way transactions are validated. In the traditional Proof of Work setting, this requires a lot of computation. Therefore, eco-friendly crypto has been looking for alternatives by working on novel consensus mechanisms. The well-known Proof of Stake is a good example. Instead of letting loads of computers work on computations, they randomly select several network participants based on their stake to validate the transactions. The idea is that the higher the stake in the network, the more interest you must positively maintain in the network.

Use cases are another important element of eco-friendly crypto

Apart from consensus, many projects focus on bringing sustainable innovations to the market through blockchain. In this section, we will highlight several examples of these use cases.

Electricity grid

This innovation becomes especially important with the introduction of solar panels and other ways for consumers to generate electricity. Although most of the energy that is generated is consumed, consumers often have some spare energy left. Through blockchain-powered networks, they can buy and sell this electricity to other users. This allows them to trade directly with each other, often automatically, across vast distances.

Traceability of products

Coffee beans, diamonds, a piece of a garment or an eco-friendly crypto; tracking the origin of products is becoming more relevant than ever. Consumers want to know where the product comes from. Has it been produced sustainably? Has child labor been involved? These questions can be answered by supply chain blockchain technology that makes it traceable for consumers to see where raw materials, production, and distribution take place.

Efficient international trade

When it comes to international trade, there are many parties involved in the traditional supply chain. Often, raw materials are brought from one continent to another, and then back. This has huge implications for the planet. Eco-friendly crypto currencies aim to solve this by making intermediaries obsolete and letting manufacturers and producers talk directly to each other. This smoothens the international trade processes.

Green cryptocurrency: the future of decentralized networks?

Why you wanna choose for Green cryptocurrency? Recently, cryptocurrencies have been in a bad daylight. The main concerns are the energy consumption, as well as the hype that crypto has brought. Let’s start with the latter. Through the hype, many people have joined the crypto movement. At first, you could consider this a good thing. However, due to the nature of blockchain technology (i.e., decentralized, secure, anonymous), it becomes easy for fraudsters to abuse the system. This is exactly what has happened in lots of cases ranging from pump-and-dump schemes to Ponzi schemes that did not even involve true blockchain technology.

The main concern remains energy

For people investing in (Green) cryptocurrency, one of the key goals was separating fact from fiction and selecting the right projects. These, in turn, must deal with their challenges. Since the inception of blockchain in 2008 by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, the validation of networks has been based on Proof of Work consensus. This is often referred to as the process of mining.

What does mining do?

Mining requires the network participants to solve a very difficult cryptographic problem. The answer to the problem is a long string of characters, which are randomly generated by blockchain technology. The goal is to find this answer before the others do. In return, you will receive crypto (e.g., Bitcoin) for the work you have put in.

The person who finds the solution to the cryptographic problem is validating the new transactions, which will be added as a block to the entire chain of transactions. Why all the hassle to validate transactions? With all the computing power dedicated to validating transactions, it becomes hard for a malicious actor to manipulate the network. The malicious actor should have lots of computer power, and even then, it can prove very hard. This is also the key reason why the network effect in crypto is important; once a critical mass has been reached, the network can also be considered more secure.

You think; this can be easier

And you are right. Although Proof of Work has stood the test of time, it does come with huge costs. Especially in terms of electricity, consumption should not be underestimated. This, among other reasons, has led innovators in the field to look for different approaches to the problem. One of these groups can be considered green cryptocurrency, as they aim to solve the problem of overconsumption with the introduction of new consensus mechanisms.

Proof of Stake consensus

A good example of such an innovation is the Proof of Stake. This consensus mechanism does not focus on a difficult cryptographic puzzle but instead is based on the network participants. The theory behind it: when a participant has a stake in the network, they will act for the benefit of the network. Thus, the participants are randomly selected (e.g., six at a time) based on their stake, and validate the transactions of a block together.

GRN coin: more than a sustainable promise

Everything you have to know about the GRN coin. Since the inception of crypto, many different technologies have been brought to the table. Ranging from different use cases to different algorithms and consensus mechanisms. In many cases, however, the push has been for self-enrichment. Many crypto projects proved to be fraudulent, and whitepapers could not bring to the table what they promised. Luckily, we now see a rise of novel innovations flowing to the space that wants to constitute real change. A good example of this is the GRN coin, a Proof of Stake-based coin that aims to solve the difficult challenge of electricity consumption.

Solving the shortage of chips

By creating a network based on Proof of Stake, GRN coin is also contributing to mitigating the current shortage of chips. Proof of Work-based networks requires GPU power, which is realized through advanced chips. The production has spiked, but also resulted in other chips not being produced. This has led to many supply chain issues around the world ranging from cars to consumer electronics. Sustainable crypto solutions such as GRN coin believe that traditional crypto is a big part of this problem.

Participating in the network

The network of GRN coin is registering the hardware being used, to ensure that only sustainable hardware is part of the network. Certain requirements are set and need to be met by prospective participants. They also need to prove that the energy they are using is green. For example, they can share their certificates or other proof which can be validated by the network participants.

A rich ecosystem of services

A green network is just the start of what GRN coin is promising. Within their network, there is a rich ecosystem that can be leveraged. Not only can people transact with ease through dedicated wallets, but there are also other options (GRNPay, EnScrypt and ExNode). The aim is to create a rich ecosystem that can be compared to the likes of Ethereum, but make sure that the energy and hardware used are green and efficient. This will solve many of the challenges that underpin traditional blockchain networks. This is needed, as network participants tend to stick with the status quo as it defends their interests. A good example is Ethereum, where miners are voting against moves to Proof of Stake since they profit from mining.

The strong growth of sustainable crypto

The strong growth of sustainable crypto is something not to be missed. Not only because it is environmentally friendly, but because of the impressive nature of its success. Since the publication of the report by De Nederlandse Bank, cryptocurrency has been seen as wasting energy. Although the claim that one single Bitcoin transaction equals 402 kilos of CO2 emissions has attracted a lot of criticism, more and more developers are bringing sustainable crypto to the market. Greener investing is becoming the norm, and it can be very rewarding. Because some sustainable cryptocurrencies are rapidly rising in price and becoming generally more popular.

What are sustainable cryptocurrencies?

With the growing focus on the environment, cryptocurrencies are in danger of being left behind, and that simply can’t be allowed to happen. There’s no doubt that Bitcoin guzzles energy. Mr. de Vries, an expert in sustainable crypto, states that annually the coin consumes one-and-a-half times as much as the whole of the Netherlands. How can this be? Computers mining the coin using the ‘Proof of Work’ method and this involves countless calculations. The newer ‘Proof of Stake’ method uses ‘validators’ rather than miners, which means that fewer calculations are needed.

How can sustainable cryptocurrencies become greener?

New technical solutions are not the only way to make sustainable cryptocurrencies greener. Many new cryptocurrencies also offset their emissions by contributing to sustainable projects. These include subsidizing alternative energy sources, such as wind and solar energy, or planting trees. Cardano recently announced that it is going to plant a million trees. So it’s worth looking closely at sustainable crypto. Not only because of the environment, but also because it will help you get a better idea of these sustainable cryptos and the teams behind them.

The return

The environment shouldn’t be your only concern. It goes without saying that you simply want your investment to be sustainable. Fortunately, the future looks bright on that score too. The popularity and prices of sustainable crypto are rising rapidly. The teams behind some sustainable cryptocurrencies are even pioneers of the crypto world. Ethereum and Cardano are getting greener and will even be among the fastest climbers in 2022. Reason enough to consider sustainable crypto for your portfolio.

The most popular sustainable cryptocurrencies

Ethereum is the largest currency after Bitcoin, and will switch to the ‘Proof of Stake’ system in 2022. A big event: this could make it one of the largest sustainable cryptocurrencies in one fell swoop. However, this is not the only thing you need to know. Fantom, for example, claims that its transactions use 300 million times less energy than Bitcoin. Cardano’s coin offsets its energy consumption. And Signum uses only 0.002 percent of Bitcoin’s energy. ECO Coins are earned in exchange for sustainable actions. And GRN is the token on Grid, a blockchain that could not be more sustainable. Low Fees – High Speeds! Protected with Proof of Stake v2. GRN is building the future without causing the earth any more damage.

How to pick the best altcoins to invest in in 2022?

The best altcoins to invest in in 2022 are still those you select wisely. After some challenging times with significant drops, and golden times with exciting upward trends, exploring the subject is worth the effort. For example, you will see that promising altcoins rise quickly, and countless investors speculate on price explosions. Steady cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, however, will also remain important in 2022. And what about the latest generation of currencies/altcoins that are becoming more and more environmentally friendly. All things considered, there is plenty to investigate if you want to invest in the best altcoins in 2022.

What are the most popular and best altcoins?

The best-known ‘best’ currencies/altcoins in 2022 include: Ethereum, Chainlink, Cardano, GRN, Binance coin, SNX and Doge. They are not the same in terms of processing time, transaction costs, anonymity, and the possibility of applying customised applications. Also, more and more new altcoins are ‘greener’, their prices rising even rapidly generally speaking, like: GRN, Fantom and Cardano

Currencies in the spotlight


As you probably know, mining cryptocurrencies requires huge amounts of energy. The latest generations take this into account. Fantom is one of the best-known climate-friendly cryptocurrencies in 2022. More than three hundred times more economical than traditional alternatives like Bitcoin, if we are to believe the stories of Fantom itself. These cannot be fully confirmed, because the platform is based on smart contracts, which means that blocks are missing from the blockchain.


When it comes to sustainability, the sky is the limit. Where sustainability will only become more important, 2022 gives us GRN – the token on Grid. GRN is mainly committed to sustainability, a blockchain that is as sustainable as possible, by using green energy such as: wind, sun and hydrogen. Together with some interesting functionalities as: ExNode, EnScrypt and GRNPay and secured with Proof of Stake v2, this is definitely a currency worth the investment!


When it comes to climate-friendliness, there is another cryptocurrency to follow. It’s called Cardano. Cardano’s ADA network comes with low emission levels, at 7 gigawatt-hours per year. Cardano even makes up for this by planting 1 million trees. The gaming aspect of this platform is interesting: Cardano is not only one of the best cryptocurrencies according to ‘connoisseurs’, but it is also the first currency allowing you to get a return from gaming with money. You add Cardano to your wallet, start the game, and earn tokens in it.

Currencies in the spotlight

To get great results, invest in the best altcoins in 2022, proceeding wisely and responsibly. By properly estimate which currencies are exploding, you should also check the teams behind the altcoins and listen carefully to cryptocurrency experts. After all, the best cryptocurrencies are not necessarily those climbing at high speed: even Bitcoin prices have bottomed occasionally. Much can happen in 2022. So don’t be tempted to rush things, think before you make a choice. After finding the right information, you can decide for yourself which altcoin is worth the investment!

Higher returns on promising altcoins

There are so many promising altcoins out there, that you would almost think nothing can go wrong. And yet, you need to keep in mind cryptocurrencies fluctuate significantly, and might even disappear without a trace. Because you don’t want to lose your money on that, you search for the most promising currency coins of this year. Tip: often these are the established names, supported by credible founders and technologies. Extra tip: promising altcoins / cryptocurrencies largely follow Bitcoin’s price.

What are promising altcoins & cryptocurrencies?

After the big crypto bubble in 2021, the year in which cryptocurrencies exploded in no time only to crash down once the bubble burst, the market has largely shown a cautious upward trend ever since. What are the most promising altcoins & cryptocurrencies to keep an eye on for today?


Still the largest since its launch in 2009. Bitcoin is still leading. More and more companies are accepting the payment method. And because other currencies largely follow the price of this one, you always want to keep an eye on it. Growth is far from over: just like the new promising currencies, Bitcoin is always evolving.

Binance Coin

Binance Coin is one of the most widely used online brokers. Having a user-friendly trading platform at low transaction costs, it is one of the most popular platforms. In order not to have too many units circulating, Binance is destroying a fifth of its quarterly profit. The result is an upward trend, which is expected to continue.


This currency is aimed exclusively at the financial sector. Well-known experts and academics developed the Cardano Blockchain. It has a scientific basis and therefore a unique position. Technically, Cardano is more scalable and requires lower hardware and energy costs. The price is still relatively low due to some challenges. Once these are resolved, Cardano could be on its way to becoming one of the most promising cryptocurrencies of the year.


GRN is the token on Grid. If you say sustainable, you say GRN. GRN was created from a sustainable point of view. Sustainability follows from the use of green energy such as wind, sun, and hydrogen. Protected with Proof of Stake v2 and containing useful functionalities as ExNode, EnScrypt and GRNPay. A promising altcoin / currency you should add to your wallet!

Get to know the promising altcoins very well

Do you want to know which currencies are likely to explode? Then structurally keep a close eye on the market with the most promising altcoins & cryptocurrencies. For this reason, we recommend monitoring the current and future increases. Therefore, use special apps that are made for this like; Binance, Coinbase, Knaken and Bitvavo, etc. It is also wise to follow the socials (Telegram, Twitter, LinkedIn) of your currencies.

The great promise of crypto coins 2022

Crypto coins are set to grow strongly again in 2022. After a somewhat shaky start at the beginning of this year, Bitcoin still appears to be a stable currency for the long term. In addition, new cryptocurrencies are constantly appearing, such as sustainable and greener platforms and coins. Often with impressive results. Also interesting are some cryptocurrencies that have particularly caught people’s attention. Such as Shiba Inu, a popular speculative crypto. Anyway, what about the crypto coins in 2022?

Crypto coin tips for 2022

The most important tips for crypto coins in 2022? Try to get a good idea of which crypto coins will do best in terms of price and popularity. There are various handy apps you can use for this, like; Binance, Bitvavo, Knaken, Blox, etc. Learn about the coins in terms of their origin and price trends. Also, invest some time in getting to know the teams behind the crypto coins that you’re considering buying. And always keep an eye on the current opinions and insights of the best-known crypto experts. And don’t forget the social networks (Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram). You can follow the coins yourself or use # to stay up-to-date with the latest information.

What are the crypto coins of 2022?

We finally saw things start to recover at the end of 2021. The prices of some currencies, well-known ones as well as new ones can quickly rise, but also fall. The following cryptocurrencies are worth keeping an eye on:


Although Cardano’s price is still relatively low at the beginning of 2022, partly due to specific (technical) challenges surrounding the chain and currency, it is expected to recover in 2022 after these have been resolved. And for good reason: well-known crypto specialists and even academics were at the basis of the Cardano blockchain, which is science-inspired and focuses exclusively on the financial sector.

Binance Coin

Binance Coin is expected to continue its upward trend in 2022. As one of the most widely used online brokers, the trading platform offers optimal user-friendliness and low transaction costs. To ensure limited quantity and optimal reliability, Binance Coin destroys one-fifth of its profits every quarter.


Bitcoin is still the most important crypto coin of 2022. Most other cryptocurrencies appear to be largely following suit. More and more companies are accepting the payment method. And the growth hasn’t even stopped yet. Bitcoin will most likely remain the crypto of 2022.


It will be the crypto coin of 2022. Climate and the environment are becoming increasingly important, as is the role of sustainability. Including in the crypto world. GRN is the token on Grid, a blockchain that could not be more sustainable. This sustainability is due to the use of green energy such as wind, sun and hydrogen. Add its interesting functionalities (ExNode, Enscrypt & GRNPay) and there you have the crypto of 2022!

Which crypto to buy?

Which crypto to buy? A frequently asked question. It mainly depends on your personal situation. Do you want to see a return as quickly as possible, or do you just want a good sustainable investment? And does it have to be eco-friendly? Of course you want to get to know whether buying crypto will yield any gain and if so, how much? Although in the end this is always a question of wait and see, some cryptocurrencies are definitely more promising than others. If you want to buy crypto, it pays off to do some good research, including the whitepapers with roadmaps and the teams behind the coins. After that it’s probably easier to answer the question for yourself: which crypto to buy now?!

Which crypto do most people buy?

As well as Bicoin, the most popular cryptocurrencies to buy in recent years have included Ethereum and Cardano. These generation cryptocurrencies have been known for some years now, and their growth is quite strong. Cardano’s ultimate goal is to become the financial operating system of the world. And the rise of the metaverse has also created a number of coins/altcoins that are directly related to it, such as Decentraland (MANA) and Sandbox (SAND). According to the experts, the future looks good for them. Then there is the SNX (Synthetix) a DEX (Decentralized Exchange). And don’t forget the GRN. Where sustainability comes first. Protected with Proof of Stake v2. Delivers high speeds at low fees. And has some nice functionalities such as: ExNode, Enscrypt and also GRNPay. GRN will be listed in June 2022.

Be smart when buying crypto

Whatever crypto you want to buy, it’s wise to consider first which crypto will rise sharply, now or in the future. That’s why you need to keep a close eye on the market. Various handy apps can be downloaded for this, which will keep you updated on the latest rates. The best-known apps are: Binance, Bitvavo, Coinbase, BLOX and Knaken, etc. There are also many crypto experts who regularly give their views on which crypto to buy. Find out who they are and follow them, for example on social networks such as Twitter, Linkedin and Telegram. And remember; only invest what you can really afford to lose!

Proof of Stake coins enable a push toward a sustainable future

What is important about Proof of stake coins? When it comes to crypto, there have been many inhabitants for adoption. A big reason often mentioned in the mainstream media is electricity consumption. This is an undeniable fact: Bitcoin is consuming more electricity than the entire country of The Netherlands. However, to consider cryptocurrencies inadequate and inefficient based on this fact is too premature. Many innovations are happening to tackle the issue, and one of the primary pushes is the introduction of Proof of Stake coins / – blockchain networks. In this article, we will highlight the power of Proof of Stake and also zoom into different coins that leverage this network.

How does Proof of Stake (coins) work?

In a Proof of Stake network, consensus on new transactions is reached through validation by a group of network participants. These participants are based on their stake in the network, hence the name Proof of Stake. The larger the stake in the network, the higher the probability you will be selected to validate the transactions. This ensures that the network participants act for the benefit of the network.

Some examples of (Proof of Stake) coins

Many coins are now leveraging this type of consensus mechanism. We will shortlist a few examples for you.


Cardano is one of the largest operating networks that is leveraging Proof of Stake. The total network is currently using 6 gigawatt-hours of electricity, which is equal to over six million households. This is still something to be improved on, but already considerably better than Proof of Work networks such as Bitcoin.


Another well-known network is Solana. This is a single-chain network that focuses on scalability while maintaining decentralization. They have incorporated additional mechanisms to ensure security in the network, such as their unique Proof of History (PoH) technology.


Blockchain is providing interoperability to blockchain networks. With their cross-blockchain transfers, they enable users to transfer data and assets across chains. This is a novel approach, as this was limited to just tokens in the past.


GRN is the token on Grid. Also protected with Proof of Stake and contains some really useful functionalities as: GRNPay (send & receive payment requests over the Grid), ExNode (convert any currency to a (stable) currency on Grid) and EnScrypt (send encrypted messages). Created from a sustainable point of view. A promising Proof of Stake coin, add it directly to your wallet!

Inhibitors of moving to Proof of Stake

To get great results, invest in the best altcoins in 2022, proceeding wisely and responsibly. By properly estimate which currencies are exploding, you should also check the teams behind the altcoins and listen carefully to cryptocurrency experts. After all, the best cryptocurrencies are not necessarily those climbing at high speed: even Bitcoin prices have bottomed occasionally. Much can happen in 2022. So don’t be tempted to rush things, think before you make a choice. After finding the right information, you can decide for yourself which altcoin is worth the investment!

GRNGrid announces partnership with Barrage for software development

GRNGrid project is expanding massively and has closed a partnership with Barrage, a major software developer, to assist in the development of the GRN Grid blockchain and GRNWallet application.

Barrage has tremendous experience in WEB3 development and is involved with projects such as Stealth and they are ranking in the top 7% of Pangea Software developers list.

Barrage is keen on assisting with the development of the Grid blockchain and is ready to assist any community member seeking to integrate as a validator. Barrage will also help the community powered developments on the Grid by maintaining a library of tools ready to power the next big project on GRN Grid.

About Barrage

Barrage is a software development company that builds custom software systems in web and mobile environments, establishes data centers, maintains them, and handles customer support for digital products. In its field of expertise, they direct their focus to blockchain and fintech solutions, although their solutions and experience are versatile.