Making sure GRN stays GRN

What is GRN association?

GRN Association is an independent and non-profit organization with its headquarters in Zug, Switzerland.

Its primary goal is to develop and maintain the world’s first sustainable blockchain (GRNGrid) by managing the assets, stakeholders, and suppliers.

To guard the journey of GRN (cryptocurrency) and GRNGrid will be decentralized, all assets, IPs, and knowledge were recently transferred to GRN Association.

After the launch of GRNGrid in Q1/2 2023, the dedication will continue to grow GRID, and develop additional and user-friendly features.

With security, speed & stability, and sustainability as core values.

a better future for all

core values


GRNGrid is a sustainable blockchain thanks to its power-efficient validating method using renewable energy solutions.

GRN helps develop green energy campuses with charitable donations voted on-chain.



GRNGrid actively detects and penalizes bad actors by deploying security pools and combines it with GRNGrid’s unique weighted proof of stake system, PoS2.

Speed and stability

Equipped with a new verification method with pooled validators for near-instant transactions.

GRNGrid’s Lightning Trail Verification (LTV) makes the network remain stable and scalable under any circumstances.


GRN Association

Gotthardstrasse 26
6300 ZUG

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