How to pick the best altcoins to invest in in 2022?

The best altcoins to invest in in 2022 are still those you select wisely. After some challenging times with significant drops, and golden times with exciting upward trends, exploring the subject is worth the effort. For example, you will see that promising altcoins rise quickly, and countless investors speculate on price explosions. Steady cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, however, will also remain important in 2022. And what about the latest generation of currencies/altcoins that are becoming more and more environmentally friendly. All things considered, there is plenty to investigate if you want to invest in the best altcoins in 2022.

What are the most popular and best altcoins?

The best-known ‘best’ currencies/altcoins in 2022 include: Ethereum, Chainlink, Cardano, GRN, Binance coin, SNX and Doge. They are not the same in terms of processing time, transaction costs, anonymity, and the possibility of applying customised applications. Also, more and more new altcoins are ‘greener’, their prices rising even rapidly generally speaking, like: GRN, Fantom and Cardano

Currencies in the spotlight


As you probably know, mining cryptocurrencies requires huge amounts of energy. The latest generations take this into account. Fantom is one of the best-known climate-friendly cryptocurrencies in 2022. More than three hundred times more economical than traditional alternatives like Bitcoin, if we are to believe the stories of Fantom itself. These cannot be fully confirmed, because the platform is based on smart contracts, which means that blocks are missing from the blockchain.


When it comes to sustainability, the sky is the limit. Where sustainability will only become more important, 2022 gives us GRN – the token on Grid. GRN is mainly committed to sustainability, a blockchain that is as sustainable as possible, by using green energy such as: wind, sun and hydrogen. Together with some interesting functionalities as: ExNode, EnScrypt and GRNPay and secured with Proof of Stake v2, this is definitely a currency worth the investment!


When it comes to climate-friendliness, there is another cryptocurrency to follow. It’s called Cardano. Cardano’s ADA network comes with low emission levels, at 7 gigawatt-hours per year. Cardano even makes up for this by planting 1 million trees. The gaming aspect of this platform is interesting: Cardano is not only one of the best cryptocurrencies according to ‘connoisseurs’, but it is also the first currency allowing you to get a return from gaming with money. You add Cardano to your wallet, start the game, and earn tokens in it.

Currencies in the spotlight

To get great results, invest in the best altcoins in 2022, proceeding wisely and responsibly. By properly estimate which currencies are exploding, you should also check the teams behind the altcoins and listen carefully to cryptocurrency experts. After all, the best cryptocurrencies are not necessarily those climbing at high speed: even Bitcoin prices have bottomed occasionally. Much can happen in 2022. So don’t be tempted to rush things, think before you make a choice. After finding the right information, you can decide for yourself which altcoin is worth the investment!

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