Higher returns on promising altcoins

There are so many promising altcoins out there, that you would almost think nothing can go wrong. And yet, you need to keep in mind cryptocurrencies fluctuate significantly, and might even disappear without a trace. Because you don’t want to lose your money on that, you search for the most promising currency coins of this year. Tip: often these are the established names, supported by credible founders and technologies. Extra tip: promising altcoins / cryptocurrencies largely follow Bitcoin’s price.

What are promising altcoins & cryptocurrencies?

After the big crypto bubble in 2021, the year in which cryptocurrencies exploded in no time only to crash down once the bubble burst, the market has largely shown a cautious upward trend ever since. What are the most promising altcoins & cryptocurrencies to keep an eye on for today?


Still the largest since its launch in 2009. Bitcoin is still leading. More and more companies are accepting the payment method. And because other currencies largely follow the price of this one, you always want to keep an eye on it. Growth is far from over: just like the new promising currencies, Bitcoin is always evolving.

Binance Coin

Binance Coin is one of the most widely used online brokers. Having a user-friendly trading platform at low transaction costs, it is one of the most popular platforms. In order not to have too many units circulating, Binance is destroying a fifth of its quarterly profit. The result is an upward trend, which is expected to continue.


This currency is aimed exclusively at the financial sector. Well-known experts and academics developed the Cardano Blockchain. It has a scientific basis and therefore a unique position. Technically, Cardano is more scalable and requires lower hardware and energy costs. The price is still relatively low due to some challenges. Once these are resolved, Cardano could be on its way to becoming one of the most promising cryptocurrencies of the year.


GRN is the token on Grid. If you say sustainable, you say GRN. GRN was created from a sustainable point of view. Sustainability follows from the use of green energy such as wind, sun, and hydrogen. Protected with Proof of Stake v2 and containing useful functionalities as ExNode, EnScrypt and GRNPay. A promising altcoin / currency you should add to your wallet!

Get to know the promising altcoins very well

Do you want to know which currencies are likely to explode? Then structurally keep a close eye on the market with the most promising altcoins & cryptocurrencies. For this reason, we recommend monitoring the current and future increases. Therefore, use special apps that are made for this like; Binance, Coinbase, Knaken and Bitvavo, etc. It is also wise to follow the socials (Telegram, Twitter, LinkedIn) of your currencies.

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