How to buy GRN today

As you guys already know, we have big plans. We are working hard on the development of GRNGrid, a PoS2 blockchain, and GRN Wallet — if you are curious, you can follow our roadmap updates in our blog section.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t buy GRN. On the contrary, this is a great time to jump on the bandwagon. 

GRN now

Currently, it’s an ERC20 token and as such, it’s available on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Why did we choose ERC20? Well, simply put, it’s practical. This widely used protocol allowed us to launch a presale, and its popularity aids us in spreading the word about GRN. Once the development of Grid blockchain is done, we will merge the coin into our software.

Where to look for GRN?

As mentioned, although the blockchain’s development is still not done, it’s possible to purchase GRN, both with other crypto or with fiat. 

Currently, these 5 exchanges deserve your attention:

  1. BitMart
  2. LBANK
  5. Knaken

Let’s briefly go through each. 


Active since 2018, BitMart represents itself as the most trusted cryptocurrency trading platform that provides real-time trading services.

To navigate through the offer easier, it’s best to download Bitmart’s app

As on other exchanges, you can purchase GRN and other cryptos with a credit/debit card and use a previously deposited crypto balance. What’s interesting about this exchange is that you can also buy coins by using PayPal

And yes, it’s as simple as it sounds. 


Described as the world’s leading crypto trading platform, LBANK provides safe and professional services for crypto users globally.

They have an app, both for Android and iOS, and this is where you can download it. 

To get started, you will need the usual: your email address, a strong password, agreeing with the Terms and Conditions, and confirming you are not a cunning robot from the future. And yes, enable 2FA, it’s for your own good.

As expected, before you can actually purchase GRN, you need to verify your identity. You’ll need to provide your name, surname, date of birth (so they know you are not underage), and your ID number — and, of course, the front and back of that document and a picture of you holding it. 

Once the process is completed, you still need funds to purchase GRN. LBANK has very detailed instructions that include screenshots on how to buy or sell crypto using a credit/debit card and top up your balance with crypto, depending on your choice.

Registration on is similar to registration on all of the previously mentioned exchanges, but if you need a helping hand, they provide a very good guide

As with most others, this exchange also accepts crypto and credit/debit card deposits. What’s interesting is that it allows P2P trading, that is, peer-to-peer trading, which means users can contact and trade with each other without a middleman. This option is for those who trust their fellow man. 


Headquartered in the United Kingdom, this fast-paced international crypto exchange and IEO platform is a perfect mediator to get your hands on some GRN

The registration process is pretty straightforward, and in case you need help depositing, you can check out the instructions here

On LATOKEN, there are two types of orders you can place — Limit orders and Market orders — but we’ll talk about those a little later. All in all, both the buy and sell processes are relatively intuitive, apart from the mentioned order types, but they simplify things rather than complicate them. 


Based in the Netherlands, this platform boasts competitive prices, efficient customer support, and, in general, is a reliable partner to purchase GRN. Knaken is the only one to support purchase fund with iDeal. However, there is a buy limit of €250,- per purchase on $G.

OK, but how to create and verify an account on their app? How to deposit euro and purchase GRN with euro in case you don’t have any crypto? Well, all of the answers to those questions can be found here

Don’t worry, it’s pretty detailed. 

Let’s trade

Now that you know on which exchanges you can find GRN, we might as well share a few tips that some of you don’t know, but that might help you buy and sell, not just GRN, but crypto in general.

Market orders

Essentially, a market order is a command to buy or sell crypto at the most recent price on that exchange. What you need to do is to enter the amount of crypto you want to buy or sell, and the order is carried out almost immediately as your order is matched with a currently open order. In that case, you will be paying the taker’s fee, which is usually slightly higher than the maker’s fee.

Limit orders

As the name suggests, you are setting a limit to the price: you are entering the amount of crypto you want to buy or sell as well as the price that suits you. Naturally, this is great as you can benefit from the price fluctuations but don’t have to be glued to your screen. However, there’s a chance that the price will never reach the limit you specified. Another word of warning: always be careful about the amount you choose, as it’s not that difficult to enter an amount that is, for example, much lower than the market price. By the time you realize what you’ve done, you will have lost money and nerves, take our word for it.

Stop orders

These orders activate once a specified price (the stop price) has been reached. The potential problem with these is that if there’s an abrupt jump in price or a huge backlog of orders, you would have to wait. The order might be executed at a higher price than you intended.

Stop-limit order

This order seems like the wisest choice: instead of setting a single amount that might not be realized momentarily, you are setting a range above and below that you don’t want to sell or buy. Sounds need, right?

Why buy GRN today?

If you think about it a bit longer, you will quickly realize that the greatest things had humble beginnings. It took time for others to hear about them and spread the word. 

By purchasing GRN, you are not just purchasing a digital asset whose value might skyrocket one day and make you rich. 

You are supporting a new decentralized monetary system that is fuelled by sustainable energy. We are led by our circular vision that prioritizes giving back to the community. By getting in on the act early, you are joining our mission too. 

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