The strong growth of sustainable crypto

The strong growth of sustainable crypto is something not to be missed. Not only because it is environmentally friendly, but because of the impressive nature of its success. Since the publication of the report by De Nederlandse Bank, cryptocurrency has been seen as wasting energy. Although the claim that one single Bitcoin transaction equals 402 kilos of CO2 emissions has attracted a lot of criticism, more and more developers are bringing sustainable crypto to the market. Greener investing is becoming the norm, and it can be very rewarding. Because some sustainable cryptocurrencies are rapidly rising in price and becoming generally more popular.

What are sustainable cryptocurrencies?

With the growing focus on the environment, cryptocurrencies are in danger of being left behind, and that simply can’t be allowed to happen. There’s no doubt that Bitcoin guzzles energy. Mr. de Vries, an expert in sustainable crypto, states that annually the coin consumes one-and-a-half times as much as the whole of the Netherlands. How can this be? Computers mining the coin using the ‘Proof of Work’ method and this involves countless calculations. The newer ‘Proof of Stake’ method uses ‘validators’ rather than miners, which means that fewer calculations are needed.

How can sustainable cryptocurrencies become greener?

New technical solutions are not the only way to make sustainable cryptocurrencies greener. Many new cryptocurrencies also offset their emissions by contributing to sustainable projects. These include subsidizing alternative energy sources, such as wind and solar energy, or planting trees. Cardano recently announced that it is going to plant a million trees. So it’s worth looking closely at sustainable crypto. Not only because of the environment, but also because it will help you get a better idea of these sustainable cryptos and the teams behind them.

The return

The environment shouldn’t be your only concern. It goes without saying that you simply want your investment to be sustainable. Fortunately, the future looks bright on that score too. The popularity and prices of sustainable crypto are rising rapidly. The teams behind some sustainable cryptocurrencies are even pioneers of the crypto world. Ethereum and Cardano are getting greener and will even be among the fastest climbers in 2022. Reason enough to consider sustainable crypto for your portfolio.

The most popular sustainable cryptocurrencies

Ethereum is the largest currency after Bitcoin, and will switch to the ‘Proof of Stake’ system in 2022. A big event: this could make it one of the largest sustainable cryptocurrencies in one fell swoop. However, this is not the only thing you need to know. Fantom, for example, claims that its transactions use 300 million times less energy than Bitcoin. Cardano’s coin offsets its energy consumption. And Signum uses only 0.002 percent of Bitcoin’s energy. ECO Coins are earned in exchange for sustainable actions. And GRN is the token on Grid, a blockchain that could not be more sustainable. Low Fees – High Speeds! Protected with Proof of Stake v2. GRN is building the future without causing the earth any more damage.

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