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Introducing a revolution

Proof of Stake V2

Proof of stake V2 (PoS2) is a new consensus method, that’s a safer, environmentally friendly and more decentralised consensus method.* With PoS2, GRN Grid takes actions against centralization (whales) by limiting their impact and earnings, making PoS2 the first ever progressive paying consensus method. Meaning GRN Grid promotes decentralization and lowers the threshold for validators to enter.

PoS2 increases security by increasing the cost of attack and using a double layered consensus. This successfully decreases the chances to of a break in to 0*, even if someone owned 80% of all staked capital.

Simulation of an attack on the GRN Grid Blockchain. X axis corresponds to the amount of stake the attacker holds and Y denotes the chance an attacker holds more than 51% of a given Security Pool

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