The great promise of crypto coins 2022

Crypto coins are set to grow strongly again in 2022. After a somewhat shaky start at the beginning of this year, Bitcoin still appears to be a stable currency for the long term. In addition, new cryptocurrencies are constantly appearing, such as sustainable and greener platforms and coins. Often with impressive results. Also interesting are some cryptocurrencies that have particularly caught people’s attention. Such as Shiba Inu, a popular speculative crypto. Anyway, what about the crypto coins in 2022?

Crypto coin tips for 2022

The most important tips for crypto coins in 2022? Try to get a good idea of which crypto coins will do best in terms of price and popularity. There are various handy apps you can use for this, like; Binance, Bitvavo, Knaken, Blox, etc. Learn about the coins in terms of their origin and price trends. Also, invest some time in getting to know the teams behind the crypto coins that you’re considering buying. And always keep an eye on the current opinions and insights of the best-known crypto experts. And don’t forget the social networks (Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram). You can follow the coins yourself or use # to stay up-to-date with the latest information.

What are the crypto coins of 2022?

We finally saw things start to recover at the end of 2021. The prices of some currencies, well-known ones as well as new ones can quickly rise, but also fall. The following cryptocurrencies are worth keeping an eye on:


Although Cardano’s price is still relatively low at the beginning of 2022, partly due to specific (technical) challenges surrounding the chain and currency, it is expected to recover in 2022 after these have been resolved. And for good reason: well-known crypto specialists and even academics were at the basis of the Cardano blockchain, which is science-inspired and focuses exclusively on the financial sector.

Binance Coin

Binance Coin is expected to continue its upward trend in 2022. As one of the most widely used online brokers, the trading platform offers optimal user-friendliness and low transaction costs. To ensure limited quantity and optimal reliability, Binance Coin destroys one-fifth of its profits every quarter.


Bitcoin is still the most important crypto coin of 2022. Most other cryptocurrencies appear to be largely following suit. More and more companies are accepting the payment method. And the growth hasn’t even stopped yet. Bitcoin will most likely remain the crypto of 2022.


It will be the crypto coin of 2022. Climate and the environment are becoming increasingly important, as is the role of sustainability. Including in the crypto world. GRN is the token on Grid, a blockchain that could not be more sustainable. This sustainability is due to the use of green energy such as wind, sun and hydrogen. Add its interesting functionalities (ExNode, Enscrypt & GRNPay) and there you have the crypto of 2022!

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