GRNGrid continues to grow with upcoming partnerships

Exciting things are happening to the GRNGrid projects. Last month the project switched from ERC20 to Polygon, the price of GRNGrid’s token $G has risen significantly and upcoming partnerships are unleashing endless possibilities. The GRN team has been actively participating in meetings, with a main goal of expanding the utilisation of GRNGrid and spreading sustainable awareness across different industries, looking for possibilities.


Development of the GRNGrid blockchain is still ongoing and we aim for a live release in 2024. When we wrote the Greenpaper, we thought of adding functionalities that would improve the user experience within Web 3.0 and make GRNGrid a superior payment and utility platform that also runs solely on renewable energy. Now in 2023 we still have the same vision, but we expanded our horizon with new partners, possibilities and good insight into the technical capabilities. This way we can actively refine or plan and add/edit functionality in the early stages, while simultaneously building a steady, secure, fast and scalable foundation.

We have some exciting development news to share soon! So keep an eye out on our twitter and telegram to stay up to date.


Without disclosing the names of these partners due to privacy agreements until the launch, we can give you a hint.

One of the partners we are currently in talks with is an Asian automotive group that represents brands such as Mini, Mitsubishi, Renault, BMW, as well as motorcycles like Ducati and Harley Davidson. This group operates in Australia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Together with a Dutch builder of charging stations for electric or hybrid vehicles, they are rolling out a network of charging stations. These will be installed at their own locations and also at retail partners, including a large supermarket chain with over 16,000 stores. As you might have guessed, the payment solution will be provided by GRNGrid. By paying with $G, users will receive various benefits and earn $G’s to spend within the partner’s network.

Another example is the discussions we are having, coincidentally also in Asia, for the development of a royalty solution for artists, producers, and singer/songwriters. The idea is to connect a platform to GRNGrid where the songs of the artists are measured if they are played or streamed in affiliated media outlets, restaurants, cafes, and other public places. This will enable fair compensation based on usage, paid in $G, and can later be exchanged for other currencies on-chain, if needed.

Although a summarized sneak peak into current partnerships, such collaborations ensure that GRNGrid will gain utilisation as a token and the project will receive more exposure.

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